Sunset Zoo Celebrates Susie the Chimpanzee’s Birthday

Manhattan’s Sunset Zoo is celebrating its chimpanzee on a long life, and breaking a record.

The Sunset Zoo will celebrate Susie, a female chimpanzee, who turned 69. She is the oldest living chimpanzee in human captivity in the world, according to a press release from Sunset Zoo.

Susie came to the Sunset Zoo in 1974, where she has been filling her days with climbing and playing in her enclosure. Susie is an extraordinary chimp, as she is exceeding the average lifespan of a chimpanzee, which is around 40-years-old.

Because of her age, she does get special care to ensure she is well taken care of.

Sunset Zoo Animal Curator, Kirk Nemechek said Susie does get additional supplements such as Ensure drinks and is being treated for arthritis.

To celebrate this monumental occasion, the zoo hosted a birthday celebration this morning at the chimpanzee habitat.

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