Canvasing of Registered Sex Offenders, Drug Offenders, and Violent Crime Offenders in Barton County

Barton County, KS- 

In an effort to ensure compliance and foster public safety, the Barton County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a canvas of all registered sex offenders, drug offenders and violent crime offenders in Barton County. The Sheriff’s Office maintains a public database known as KSORT on the KBI web page. The database is open to the public and has various features including mapping, that allows the public to see where registered offenders live.  Citizens may also sign up for automatic email alerts in the event an offender moves into your neighborhood. KSORT  is available on the Barton County webpage under the Sheriff’s drop-down tab that reads “Registered Offender Search”.


The Sheriff’s Office has about 214 registered offenders on file, of those 89 are sex offenders, 87 drug offenders and 38 violent crime offenders.


Sheriff’s Deputies are going to the addresses reported on the offender’s data sheet and making contact with them to ensure compliance with the terms of their required registration. If an offender is found not to be compliant, a report will be submitted to the Barton County Attorney’s Office in an attempt to seek prosecution.

The Sheriff’s office will be checking on offenders for the next few weeks.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Records Division at the Barton County Sheriff’s Office.

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