Drummond Takes on Prosecution of Oklahoma Attorney Accused of Assisting Illegal Marijuana Operations

Oklahoma City, OK- Attorney General Gentner Drummond announced today that his office will take on the responsibility of prosecuting a Canadian County attorney indicted by a multi-county grand jury late last year for illegal marijuana business practices.

Matt Stacy was charged with 13 felony counts in Garvin County District Court last October after an affidavit alleged he “aided, encouraged, facilitated and/or contributed to a black-market for unlawful marijuana cultivation, trafficking and/or manufacturing.”

Drummond said the proliferation of illegal marijuana grow operations poses a threat to public safety.

“Illegal marijuana grows are causing an alarming influx of organized crime throughout Oklahoma, mostly run by Chinese nationals,” he said. “Any Oklahoman who partners with these criminals and enables their illicit dealings will be held accountable.”

According to the Oct. 17, 2022, affidavit, Stacy acted as a registered agent for more than 300 LLCs that sought commercial licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana. OBN agents said Stacy paid state residents to be “ghost owners” of grow operations for Chinese organized crime operations and other out-of-state clients, a method designed to evade laws that require Oklahoma residents to own at least 75 percent of a grow operation.

Drummond said his office will work closely with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBN) in Stacy’s prosecution.

The public is reminded that these charges are merely allegations, and Stacy is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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