Expungement Clinic Coming to Manhattan Public Library

Manhattan, KS-

Those with a criminal record with Riley County and Manhattan Municipal courts will have an opportunity for a fresh start and get their records expunged during a one-day expungement clinic at the Manhattan Public Library.


This is the second time this clinic has been held in Manhattan. Joy Springfield, Director for Pro-Bono services says, that on Friday, October 28th from 10 to 4, people with misdemeanors and felonies have a chance to get a fresh start and get a clean slate.



Those interested in the expungement clinic can go to the informational brief being held Saturday, the 22nd to receive information on the clinic from 1 to 3.

Cases that can’t be expunged according to the law include those that have records of murder, manslaughter, any crimes involving a child, sexual battery, and rape.


For those that can get their records expunged, there are some benefits they have to look forward to.


Springfield says that if you have been on a drug registry for five years, you can apply to get off of the drug registry and get the charge expunged as well.


The event will have attorneys that will assist those interested fill out the petition and the paperwork. Those filing for an expungement with the Manhattan Municipal Courts should expect a fee of $75 per case to expunge and Riley County has a fee of $195, but Springfield says to not let money stop you from getting your case expunged because they can assist you in filling out the poverty affidavit. The expungement process can take up to a week to take effect, but there will be a judge on site to sign the order.


Those that have cases in the surrounding communities are not up the creek without a paddle, all you have to do is call 1-800-723-6953 and a staff attorney or a pro-bono attorney can assist with getting the case expunged from the record.  You can also visit kansaslegalservices.org for more information.


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