Rockstep Capital Will Acquire Manhattan Town Center

By Jayson Henderson

Rockstep Capital LLC, a shopping center investment and management company, is poised to acquire Manhattan Town Center, breathing new life into the retail landscape. Drawing inspiration from the world of dance, RockStep’s mission is to create modern, community-centric destinations. Andy Weiner, the President, compares the agility of a dance move to their ability to adapt swiftly to industry changes, implementing innovative strategies for retail spaces to benefit the community and investors.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, RockStep focuses on the shopping center sector in metropolitan and secondary markets, believing in small-town values and long-lasting partner relationships. They have built or acquired over 9 million square feet of shopping centers in 11 states since 1997, targeting markets with dynamic demand drivers and growing demographics.

In Manhattan, the town center’s future is subject to approval by the city, with financial assessments affirming RockStep’s capacity. The sale’s approval will be voted on by Manhattan city commissioners, who are also addressing other zoning changes and renovation updates.

RockStep Capital’s dedication to revitalizing traditional retail aims to boost the retail and entertainment industry through innovative redevelopment. They seek to meet the demands of today’s informed and sophisticated consumers by offering unique customer experiences and aligning with the “live, work, play” lifestyle in mixed-use properties.

The company’s history is deeply rooted in retail, with founder and CEO Andy Weiner’s background in the retail sector, leading to the creation of RockStep in 1997. From small family clothing stores to regional malls and community shopping centers, RockStep is committed to evolving and transforming retail spaces.

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