Abilene Highschool Band is Heading back to Chicago

By Ryan Duey

Abilene High School band students have been given the honor to perform at the 2024 Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago. This is their fifth invite to the Windy City.

Abbey Hirsch, Abilene Graduate and first-year Band Director, talked to us about this great honor.

Abbey said that they have already started preparing for this event and will continue on through the year until the trip arrives. She stated that there is a lot to prepare for, from; the band lineup, to music choice, and even getting acclimated to the cold weather that they will undoubtedly march in.

Abbey talked about the support from the Community and let us know how you can help with expenses for the trip.

Abbey is very excited for the students and also for herself as a first-year Band Director.

Be on the lookout for their next Fundraiser coming up in March.

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