Advena Living of Clay Center Says Staffing And Culture Is The Key Improving Care

By Quinn O’Hara

Advena Living of Clay Center is a long term care and senior living facility. They were the host of Grow Clay County’s January 17th Wake Up Wednesday event.

Advena’s Administrator Matthew Ruhnke says improving staffing and the culture at Advena has been a large part of their effort to provide better care for their residents. One way they measure that progress is through a CMS Star Rating:

The CMS Star Rating is a metric produced by the Federal Government’s Centers for Medicare Services to analyze a nursing home’s quality of care.

Ruhnke says Advena Living’s patient outcomes are also an area of focus:

Ruhnke says he and the rest of the team at Advena Living of Clay Center rely on their LIFE core values, or loyalty, integrity, fortitude, and engagement, to guide their treatment of staff and patients.

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