American Red Cross Hopes For Continued Growth in Amount of Donors at Upcoming Blood Drive

The American Red Cross continues to see a concerning trend – blood donations are being sent to hospitals faster than they are coming in. The Red Cross has collected about 50,000 fewer blood donations than needed over the last two months. The Catholic Parish Center in Clay Center will be hosting a blood drive Thursday, July 27th from 9:15-3:00 p.m. Kristi Ingalls of the American Red Cross says they already have 32 appointments with the goal to fill all 71 spots. She notes that the donor turnout in Clay Center has really increased at the last several drives, and she is hopeful for the continued growth.

Garry and Marty Stenzel, Blood Program Leaders in Clay Center, are ardent about spreading the word throughout the community about the need for blood and the importance of being regular donors. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. Just by donating every 56 days, countless patients are being helped for everything from surgeries to gunshot wounds, to car accidents.

From start to finish a donation takes about an hour, and in that hour of time it can help save the lives of to the up to three separate hospital patients.

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