Archery Enthusiast and Substitute Teacher’s Concerns After Grandson Finds Crossbow Bolt on Street

By Jayson Henderson

John Cunningham, a passionate archery enthusiast and substitute teacher at Clay Center, was left deeply concerned when his grandson, Jamison, stumbled upon a crossbow bolt on the streets of their neighborhood. This discovery has stirred anxieties about potential backyard archery activities gone awry and prompted him to reflect on a recent incident that occurred in Mcpherson, involving a child who was accidentally shot while a man was practicing in his backyard.

Speaking about the unsettling find, Cunningham said, “When Jamison brought this bolt home, he said he found it in the middle of the street next to Garfield, and it just kind of freaked me out because, to me, that meant somebody might have been practicing in their backyard, and a bolt might have gone astray.”

Cunningham’s unease was not unfounded, as it was only a few weeks ago, on September 26th, that an unfortunate incident unfolded in Mcpherson. During backyard target practice, a man’s shot went awry when one of the bolts hit the target incorrectly, veering off into the air. This stray bolt eventually landed in a nearby playground, striking a first-grade girl in the arm.

The man responsible for the incident was promptly booked on suspicion of aggravated battery and aggravated child endangerment. His bond was set at $12,500, highlighting the gravity of the situation. Not only is it illegal to discharge firearms within city limits, but such actions can have dire and far-reaching consequences, as evidenced by the injury to the young girl.

Cunningham’s concerns, along with the Mcpherson incident, serve as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with improper archery or shooting activities in residential areas. Safety regulations and responsible practices are vital to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of the community, particularly when it comes to activities involving weapons.

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