CCCHS and Wakefield High YLinK Teams Join Together to Form THE BANDANA SQUAD

By Trish Svoboda

The Clay Counts Coalition sponsored a day of Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention Training on Friday, October 20th, held at Common Ground, according to a release.

Often times, teens speak to their friends about their struggles more than parents or other adults. Taking notice of this, Clay County members of YLink turned their “Day OFF” of school to a “Day ON” to participate in the training. Ericka Lysell provided guidance to sixteen students from CCCHS and Wakefield High to learn how to understand and respond to signs of anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideology among teens. The training gave the students skills to supportively communicate with their friends to help create an action plan to get a trusted, responsible adult to intervene as needed.

Thus, the BANDANA SQUAD was formed. Comprising of 16 youths who have completed the Peer-to-Peer Prevention Training and also have parental support and signed an oath to maintain confidentiality and demonstrate compassion.

Members of the BANDANA SQUAD can be recognized by the teal green and purple bandanas adorning their backpacks. YLinK President Raegan McDonald said their aim is to create a positive impact in schools and the community by connecting with peers and working to diminish the stigma associated with seeking assistance.

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