CCCHS Forensics Qualifies For Nationals At Big Question Debate

By Quinn O’Hara

Three CCCHS Tiger Forensics students Alessia Carrales and Sam and Morgan Peters competed in the Big Question Debate National Qualifier on Thursday, March 28.

Carrales was matched against Sam Peters in the tournament, and according to CCCHS Speech and Debate teacher Megan Blackburn, tied each other in every way possible. Sam Peters was announced as the winner between the two after a coin flip, joining his sister as a Big Question Debate National Qualifier. Carrales is now the third alternate.

The event took place over roughly six hours on Zoom, said Blackburn. She explained that the topics discussed in the tournament focused mainly on philosophical questions with no clear-cut answers.

The Peters siblings now join the list of Clay County High Schoolers who qualify to compete in this year’s National Debate Tournament in Des Moine, Iowa.

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