CCEMS AEMTs On Last Step Of Training, Clay County To Gain 4 New AEMTs

By Quinn O’Hara

Clay County EMS has finished their current AEMT class.

AEMTs, which stands for Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, are the second highest level of EMS and can start IVs, administer special medications, and more.

After the several month long class, AEMTs are required to pass two national registry tests. All six students in the class have already passed the first, a psychomotor test held at CCEMS which quizzed students on their ability to perform physical tasks. The next test will be a written test. After the students pass the written portion, Clay County will have four additional AEMTs.

CCEMS Service Director Alec Trembath said those four will greatly help the community they serve.

Trembath previously said that despite AEMT classes ranging anywhere in price from $2,500 to $6,000, a combination of a grant called the EIG, and the Clay County Government providing the remaining funds, gave CCEMS and their six students an opportunity for higher education that they may not have had otherwise.

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