Clay Center Car Show Post Event Evaluation

By Trish Svoboda

At the Clay County Commissioners meeting, the Clay Center/BPW gave the Post Event Evaluation on the Piotique car show held in Dexter Park.

According to the report, there were 146 cars in the park, and 300 meals were served. The event was able to bring in revenue for Clay County through entry fees, restaurant meals, store sales, vendors, motel rooms, and food concessions

The report stated that they had 146 cars in the park and served 300 meals. They were able to bring revenue to Clay County by: motel rooms, entry fees, restaurant meals, store purchases, fuel, vendors, and food concessions.

The survey revealed that 73% of respondents stated that they would not have visited Clay Center without the car show. Additionally, 33% dined at a Clay Center restaurant, 23% made purchases at local stores, 62% bought fuel, 41% got an item from a vendor and 60% bought food concessions. This was the 13th Car Show and most successful to date.

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