Clay Center City Council Appoints Audrey Waid As New Municipal Judge

By Quinn O’Hara

The Clay Center City Council unanimously appointed Audrey Waid to the position of Municipal Judge during their regular meeting on March 5.

The decision comes after a lengthy review process of Waid and two other individuals who applied for the position.

Clay Center Mayor Jimmy Thatcher said the selection committee chose her because of her previous experience in law.

Waid is the current Executive Director for Clay County Child Care and Head Start. She said she applied for the position to get more use out of her law school degree.

Waid has previously worked as a civil county attorney in Nebraska, and has experience in environmental law, criminal defense, employment law, and more.

Waid said she will continue to hold her position as the Executive Director of Clay County Child Care and Head Start in addition to her new position as Municipal Judge.

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