Clay Center City Council Discuss Life Center, Construction, Huntress Creek Cleanup

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo by Quinn O’Hara

The Clay Center City Council met for their regular meeting on the evening of Tuesday, May 7. Topics discussed include fireworks, the Clay Center Community Life Center, and construction projects.

The Council voted to begin looking for a construction manager for the new Clay Center Community Life Center. The Council noted that Grow Clay County Director Natalie Muruato is currently looking at additional grants to help fund the Life Center.

The Council then donated $1,500 out of the special parks and recreation fund for Grow Clay County’s firework display.

Council Member Daton Hess reported that construction has begun on the 2024 CCLIP project on the Clay Center portion of Highway 15. Hess said the concrete portion is expected to be finished by the end of the month, though rain may slightly delay the completion of the concrete work.

Council Member Phil Kasper reported that the Masons will be clearing trash in Huntress Creek as a community service project. Kasper reported the cleanup is expected to take place the weekend of May 18. The city is not involved with the project. Kasper also urged the public to stay off the Reed Park Basketball Court while it is repainted.

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