Clay Center City Council Gives Approval To $650,000 Moderate Income Housing Grant

By Quinn O’Hara

The Clay Center City Council unanimously voted to approve the $650,000 Moderate Income Housing grant and to approve the project’s construction contract during their regular meeting on May 21.

Originally announced on February 26 of this year, the grant was provided by the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation and will fund the construction of nine new moderately priced homes in Clay Center. The grant also offers a down payment assistance of up to $30,000 alongside each home to qualifying families. The homes will be built through a partnership between developers Austin and Michelle Gillard of Rural Development Group, LLC, and Grow Clay County.

Grow Clay County’s Director Natalie Muruato shares more about the grant.

Grow Clay County previously stated that the new project and accompanying grant is a significant milestone in their journey to enhance affordable housing options within the community.

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