Clay Center Public Utilities Still Seeking Lead Pipes Survey Responses

By Quinn O’Hara

In January of this year Clay Center Public Utilities issued a survey to homeowners seeking information on the location of lead pipes in Clay Center.

The survey was released at the direction of KDHE and the EPA as a part of a nationwide project to identify, document, and eventually remove all lead pipes in the country.

Scott Glaves, the Superintendent of Utilities for the Clay Center Public Utilities Commission, said responses to the survey have been few and far between despite the quickly approaching October 2024 deadline.

The Public Utilities Commission must document an estimated 2,100 buildings in Clay Center, said Glaves. He noted that while they do have records of service lines, their records of lines on the homeowner’s side of the water meter may not be accurate due to possible home renovations or construction, hence the need for the public’s help through the survey.

The survey is available through a website link on recent billing statements, the Clay Center Public Utilities website, and paper copies of the survey are available at the commission’s building. Glaves acknowledged worries of a possible pipe removal cost and said there are grants available to help alleviate potential expenses. Glaves urged all homeowners to fill out the survey as soon as they can.

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