Clay County Commission Met on July 1st for Their Regular Meeting

By Ryan Duey

Picture by Quinn O’Hara

The Clay County Commission met on Monday, July 1st for their regular weekly meeting. Many items were discussed, including 2025 Budget Requests. The Commission also took a tour of the new Extension Offices at the Clay County Event Center.

Austin Gillard, CCMC CEO, reported to the Board that a new dual-headed Gamma camera had been installed. This camera is used on cardiac patients for detailed pictures of the heart. Gillard also reported that two new ultrasound machines had arrived and would be installed in the near future.

Alec Trembath, EMS Director, reported that they had one company look at the roof leak at the EMS building and are waiting for another company to look at it. He will then bring the bids to the Board for the repair. The department has 2 CPR classes scheduled to be taught this week also.

Pam Kemp, Emergency Manager, presented a flyer to the Board about a training course in Salina called Community Planning for Disaster Recovery and stated that it would be a good training for County Department Heads and Elected Officials to attend.

Dana Rickley, County Health Director, informed the Board that the State Fiscal grant year had started, and Clay County had received $71,000 in funds, not including Family Planning which will add $12,000 in additional funds. The Board also approved the purchase of an exam table for the Health Department.

Danny Mesalles, County Appraiser, provided a detailed list of Building Permits that had been issued in the first half of 2024. There has been a total of 51 permits issued.

The Board received a letter from Big Lakes Development Center stating that they recommend appointing Ladd Braden to the Board of Directors for another term. The motion to re-appoint Braden passed unanimously.

The Board reported to Whitney Baer, Noxious Weed Director, that they’ll need two employees to start coming in early to be ready to spray by 6:00 a.m. to avoid the winds and the rains. The Board has received complaints about not seeing spraying going on. The Board approved the use of overtime for those employees so they can spray when they can.

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