Clay County General Public Transportation Reports Success

By Quinn O’Hara

On April 2, Clay County General Public Transportation Operations Manager Don Wright spoke with the Clay Center City Council.

He reported that CCGPT is projected to be more successful in the coming year than initially thought. Wright noted that of the three communities nationwide given the ability to digitize their ride scheduling, CCGPT was the only one to fully complete the transition thus far. Wright said this and other progress has made Clay County’s rural public transportation system a nationwide envy.

Wright also discussed the possibility of CCGPT offering late night rides to patrons within Clay Center with the intent of curbing the number of DUIs in the town.

Wright asked the Council to eventually consider raising the amount of money they are allocated out of each year’s budget to aid in funding the endeavor, and several Councilmembers expressed their support of the idea. The new program has not yet been made official.

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