Clay County Landowners Receive Survey Paperwork

Landowners in Clay County recently received paperwork from a company, Discovery Land Services out of Denver, CO, asking permission to conduct geophysical surveys. As the letter states, the company uses “special equipment that sends energy waves into the earth and record[s] the information that returns.”

The goal is to “determine how deep the gas formation lines in Clay County and how far down and how deep the actual formation that we believe holds gas would be,” said Debbie Dugan, Landman at Discovery Land Services.

The company was hired on behalf of High Plains Resources, which the letter lists as the “exclusive company for obtaining seismic survey permits in Clay County, KS.” It does not state that permits have been obtained, and according to the Clay County Highway Department, as of November 30th, permits have not been issued.

Jason Rayburn, Land Advisor for High Plains Resources said the company plans to search for natural gasses such as hydrogen and helium, or even methane.

“These are low-carbon-emitting gasses,” he said. “It can be used as a fuel for many different things such as industrial use.”

After studying the seismic data, Rayburn said the company will “understand the probability of natural gas that exists beneath the surface.” If there are positive results, High Plains Resources will return to Clay County in April or May to take samples.

If natural gasses are found with agreeable conditions, Rayburn said they will approach landowners about leasing their land.

“There will be a bonus for executing the lease, and then a percentage of the production goes to the land owner by way of a royalty that is defined in their lease.”

Below is a copy of the paperwork received; identifying information such as parcel locations and names have been removed. A map of their intended routes in part of Clay County is also included.

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