Common Ground Ministries Working to Provide Temporary Housing for Families, Letting God Pave The Way For The Project

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo by Quinn O’Hara

Common Ground Ministries is working on helping families with temporary housing.

According to a press release, the organization’s board had discussed and prayed over the past year about the possibilities of helping families, and especially those with children, by providing them with temporary housing. However, the group did not actively pursue the project.

Last month, the Lutheran Church approached the Common Ground Board and asked if they would be interested in purchasing a house that had been given to them to sell with the intent of raising money for a future Lutheran Church project. The house was offered to Common Ground for $25,000.

After walking through the house, the Board felt it would take approximately $20,000 to update the house adequately. The Board said they felt God was leading them to move forward with the ministry as a house had been offered to them despite not looking for one. The Board unanimously voted to purchase the house.

Common Ground put a $5,000 down payment on the house and is expected to pay the remaining balance of $20,000 in six months. Common Ground is now seeking donations to make up the difference. The press release states that the group is, “trusting God to provide the balance through His people.”

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