DCCCA Donates Two OneBox Naloxone Kits To Be Used in Clay Center, Wakefield High Schools

By Quinn O’Hara

A recent donation from DCCCA, a social and family services organization, has given two OneBox Naloxone Kits to Clay County. The kits will be stationed at Clay Center Community High School and Wakefield High School to be used in the case of an opioid overdose.

The OneBox kits function similarly to an AED. They are stationed on a wall and contain naloxone, a CPR mask, gloves, and sanitary wipes. When activated, the kit will play videos instructing a user on how to treat a suspected opioid overdose.

Cara Anderson, the Prevention Services Program Manager for DCCCA, said the boxes are part of a state-wide effort.

Anderson noted that no training is necessary to use the OneBox kits. Additionally, should naloxone be administered to an individual not experiencing an overdose, no side effects will occur, and the individual will be unharmed by the medication.

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