Grow Clay County Announces New 9 House Building Project

By Quinn O’Hara

On Monday, February 26th, Grow Clay County announced a new grant funded project that will build 9 new moderately priced homes in Clay Center.

The Moderate Income Housing (MIH) Grant, provided by the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation, will provide $650,000 to construct these homes. The 9 new houses will be located within the Savaner Addition off Highway 24, and will offer three bedrooms, two baths, a two car garage, and more, according to a press release from Grow Clay County.

Grow Clay County’s Director, Natalie Muruato, says the specifications of the homes come from a housing survey done in December of 2022.

Additionally, the MIH Grant is offering a down payment assistance of up to $30,000 alongside each home to qualifying families. Muruato hopes the new houses and accompanying grants will create a domino effect in the community that will encourage more growth and increase accessibility to housing.

Grow Clay County states that the new project and accompanying grant is a significant milestone in their journey to enhance affordable housing options within the community.

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