Grow Clay County, Partners, Begin Fundraising Campaign to Expand Life Center Project

By Quinn O’Hara

Grow Clay County and the Multi-Generational Life Center Steering Committee have announced the launch of a fundraising campaign aimed at expanding the Life Center Project.

The additions to the current plans include a storm shelter, a walking track, additional gymnasium space, a recreation equipment storage area, a turf area, and enhancements to the community portion of the center.

Grow Clay County Director Natalie Muruato said the additions, “would turn a good facility great” and would add 16,351 square feet to the plan, totaling 36,000 square feet over the whole facility.

Muruato said the proposed additions would require an additional $4 million in funding, which will be collected through fundraisers.

Those interested in donating to the campaign can do so through the Clay Center Community Improvement Foundation’s website.

Muruato noted that the additional $4 million is not a necessity to make the project happen, but rather will add several quality-of-life updates to the plans before the structure is built.

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