Grow Clay County’s Easter Egg Hunt This Weekend

By Quinn O’Hara

On Saturday, March 30, Grow Clay County will be holding their annual Easter Eggstravaganza on the Courthouse Square in Clay Center.

Grow Clay County Admin Kathryn Doster-Tipsword led the event’s organization. She said there will be several age group hunts during the event to assure every child has a fair chance at snagging some eggs.

Doster-Tipsword said there will be 10 eggs hidden in each age group’s hunting area with a paper slip inside with a location printed on it. Those who retrieve them can bring the paper slip to the printed location to receive a prize. Doster-Tipsword said the prizes range from swimming sets to stuffed animals. Grow Clay County noted they will have a total 5,000 stuffed eggs on the courthouse lawn thanks to plenty of donations from local businesses, organizations, and community members.

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