High Plains Resources Soon to Begin Seismic Testing Operations In Clay County

By Quinn O’Hara

High Plains Resources will soon begin seismic testing operations in and around Clay County.

High Plains Resources, or HPR, is a geologic hydrogen extraction company which aims to locate, drill for, and collect hydrogen found beneath the earth’s surface for use as a power source.

HPR Land Representative Cris Justiz said the operations will begin after the end of this year’s wheat harvest. Additionally, the testing will take place on the right-of-way on county roads.

A map of the planned route crews will take to perform the tests will be released at a later date. Justiz said that Clay Country roads should be unaffected by the testing, but should something happen, HPR will leave the road looking better than they found it.

Additionally, Justiz said that if crews do locate hydrogen, landowners in the area will be contacted and asked for permission to create a production well on their property.

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