How Clay County Voters Can Vote In Kansas Presidential Primary

By Quinn O’Hara

From now until March 19 registered Kansas voters can participate in Kansas’ third ever presidential preference primary.

The last time Kansas held a presidential preference primary was in 1992, and the first time was in 1980.

Clay County’s Clerk, Kayla Wang, says this election will show the National Convention which candidates to put on the primary ballot.

Voter registration closed at the end of February, but Clay County registered voters have until March 18 at noon to participate in advanced voting, and in person voting will be held on March 19. Clay County voters are instructed to vote at the polling place closest to their official residence. The following buildings have been assigned as Clay County’s polling places:

The First Baptist Church and the Catholic Parish Center in Clay Center,

The American Legion on the Clay County side of Clifton,

and The Methodist Church in Wakefield.

You must be either a registered Democrat or registered Republican to participate in this election.

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