January 16th Clay Center City Council Meeting Summary

By Quinn O’Hara

The Clay Center City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting yesterday evening, January 16th.

Clay Center Mayor Jimmy Thatcher began the meeting by thanking the many men and women who helped the city with their response to the recent severe winter storms. Mayor Thatcher said “we needed everybody to make this work,” and according to him, that’s exactly what happened.

The Council then unanimously elected Council Member Daton Hess as the new Council President.

The Council then discussed and selected recent bids for upcoming City projects.

Council Member Phil Kasper ended the meeting by reporting a plumbing leak in a bathroom of the City Hall Building. Kasper says the Clay County Wrestling Club spotted the leak while using the building, and Eric Alquist called Council Member Kasper to inform him of the incident. Kasper says Alquist then immediately made the quick repairs needed to avoid any potential damage. Kasper said the Clay County Wrestling Club takes care of that facility and is thankful for Alquist’s help.

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