Kansas ‘Rural Champions’ Discuss Childcare Challenges, Successes.

By Ryan Duey

ChildCare Aware of Kansas indicates that the state is approximately 85,000 slots short of fully meeting the childcare demand.

Kerri Falletti, the grassroots strategy developer for the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Office of Rural Prosperity led a panel of Kansans that talked about their community’s childcare efforts on December 1st. Clay County is one of 12 Rural Champions recognized currently by the Office of Rural Prosperity.

Susie Swanson, who works with Grow Clay County in Clay Center, said, “The educational process was a bit of a challenge for us. We had to educate people about the needs in the community and why it’s important for businesses. If you don’t feel secure with your childcare, you’re not as able to do your job. And you’re not going to bring new people into the community if they don’t have a place for their children to go while they’re working.”

The Rural Champions are working to build support to successfully improve each community’s childcare needs.

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