Lighthouse For Christ Offers a Referral Program For Those In Need

Summer is here and with schools out and the heat hitting triple digits, Clay County residents may be facing unexpected financial hardships. For those needing a little extra help, whether temporary or long-term, The Lighthouse for Christ is there to help with what they can. The non-profit offers a referral program for those in need of assistance with food, clothing, household items, and hygiene items. They also assist with utilities, income-based housing, and limited medical expenses, such as prescriptions and glasses.

There are unfortunately a few things the Lighthouse is unable to help with:

· Private Rent (with the exception of CC Housing Authority, etc.)

· Penalties or late fees

· Phone, cable, or internet

· Sublease

· Deposits for utilities or rent

If they are unable to help, Lighthouse For Christ director, Abby Sprague says they are happy to direct referrals to other resources including local churches, New Hope Ministries, Faith Mission, and the Manhattan Emergency Shelter, to name a few.

The process on average is expected to take about 30mins. Any resident in Clay County qualifies regardless of income. Applications are available at most Churches in Clay County, or you can obtain one through e-mail or in person at the Lighthouse. Once filled out, an authorized signer at the church will sign the application, and the individual will then take it to The Lighthouse Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00-3:00 p.m.

The amount they are able to give depends on financial guidelines and varies case to case. Individuals and families can get assistance with food once every month. The amount of food given is based on the number of people residing in the household. For other assistance, Abby said there is no limit on how often people can apply, and each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis.

“It is important to note that beyond offering food and financial assistance our mission is to provide a sense of hope during your visit. We want people to leave feeling encouraged. We will pray with you. We will listen to you and your concerns. We are happy to connect you with a church, local counseling, and other resources. We want to extend God’s love to each person through our actions.” Abby said.

So far this year, The Lighthouse for Christ has provided just over $21,000 in assistance.

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