Lincoln Elementary Students Bring Dinosaurs to Life With Classroom Museum

By Quinn O’Hara

On April 19, Lincoln Elementary Students in Cari Pfizenmaier and Kayla Lange’s 1st grade classes presented their DIY dinosaur projects at their yearly classroom dinosaur museum.

Over the past few weeks, the students worked with their families to create models of and reports on their chosen dinosaur. Students then brought their models to school and worked to transform their classroom into a dinosaur museum with balloons, signs, fake leafs and vines, and more.

Pfizenmaier said the project is always a favorite among students and has become a highly anticipated event, even among the student’s parents.

1st Grader Sterling Snyder shared her Stegosaurus project with KCLY News Associate Quinn O’Hara.

Projects presented at the museum included a Gallimimus with a full peacock’s tail, a welded Spinosaurus, several cardboard dioramas, and much more.

Lange said of the museum, “It’s like a dinosaur Christmas. You never know what kinds of presentations you’ll get until the day of, and it’s something everyone looks forward to.”

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