Local Skeleton Yard Display Helped Raise Funds for CCARE

Dale Marks, a community member known for his annual “skeleton yard” display, reached out to CCARE expressing his desire to organize a fundraiser. Marks invests extensive hours each year setting up a captivating array of skeletons in his yard, which has become a local attraction. This year, he envisioned leveraging the popularity of his display to raise funds for CCARE.

This past Saturday, October 14th, Marks welcomed everyone to wander through his creatively set-up skeleton display and capture memorable photos. The display is modified in a unique way each year to keep the experience fresh and exciting for visitors. This year, Marks designed a special area for individuals to sit and pose for photo opportunities.

A locked donation box was available for visitors to contribute to CCARE before they enjoyed the skeleton display. The event aimed to provide a delightful outing for people and their furry companions, enabling them to capture Halloween-themed pictures while supporting CCARE.

“A couple of CCARE volunteers will also be bringing CCARE adoptable dogs for an adventure through the skeleton yard as well! It should be a fun day for people of all ages and their pups,” Julie Mohn, Fundraiser Coordinator, said.

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