Much Discussed During Clay County Commissioners Regular Meeting on July 8th

By Ryan Duey

Photo by Quinn O’Hara

The Clay County Commission Board held its weekly regular meeting on Monday, July 8th. Many items were discussed including purchases of vehicles, payments made for the construction of the River Valley District offices, sick leave donation requests, and 2025 Budget requests.

Joel Mason, County Attorney, let the Board know that an issue was brought to his attention last weekend regarding dogs at large in Clay County Park. Per Park rules, dogs must be leashed while in the park and the Rental Agreement that is to be signed by each camper states that Rule. Mason recommended they there should be one written notice given to the owners of the loose dog, and if the rules aren’t followed, they should be removed from the Park.

Bobby Shomper, Highway Administrator, discussed the sale of 1.72 acres located in the Northeast intersection of 1st Road and Thunder Rd. The Board discussed whether to sell the property to the adjoining landowner or to place the parcel for sale by sealed bid. After discussion, the Board decided to place the parcel for sale by sealed bid, with bids needing to be received at the County Clerk’s Office by August 9th, at 5:00 p.m.

Commissioner Mayo made a motion to appoint Kim Kendrick and Scott Liby to act as witnesses for the disposal of ballots and documents from past elections. The motion passed unanimously.

Dana Rickley, County Health Director, stated to the Board that she continues to work with CCMC personnel on the Community Health Assessment. She also stated that Family Planning received a grant from the State of Kansas for $11,342.

Alan Benninga, Sheriff, reported that the new patrol pickup has arrived, and they are currently transferring all equipment to the new pickup. Benninga gave a sale price of the old unit to Clay County Park in the amount of $13,000. The Board approved for the Park to pay the Sheriff’s Department $13,000 to purchase the 2017 Dodge Ram.

Randy Gassman, with Pottberg, Gassman, & Hoffman, met with the Board to hold the first 2025 budget workshop for Clay County and the Rural Highway. Gassman will return next week with a 2025 budget draft for review.

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