New USD 379 Board Members Sworn In During January Meeting

By Quinn O’Hara

Last night, January 8th, USD379 held their regular board meeting. The meeting began with the swearing in of the board’s three new members: Dave Jermark, Tracey Claeys, and Shanna Sterling. Tracey Claeys was voted in as the new Board President, and Jason Bergsten was voted in as the new Vice President.

The board discussed, among other things, exploring new insurance options for USD 379 staff members, rephrasing portions of the district’s school lunch unpaid meal charge policy, special education funding, and funding for the district’s summer school.

USD379 Superintendent Brett Nelson noted that in the current school year’s first semester, some families have incurred close to $300 in school lunch debt. Last year, he says, the district ended the year with roughly $5,000 in unpaid lunch debt.

The board also discussed ways to fund USD379’s summer school programs, as the current 5 year funding grants are nearing their final year. It was estimated that summer school costs the district $25,000 per week. Without grant funding aid, the board said programs become “very limited.”

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