Representatives Bill Bloom and Elaine Bowers Discuss Legislative Priorities With Clay County Voters

By Quinn O’Hara

On Friday, March 1, House Representative Lewis “Bill” Bloom and Senator Elaine Bowers met with their constituents for a town hall meeting at the Clay County Museum.

Both began the meeting by talking about their duties as legislators and detailed their recent committee work.

The legislators discussed high priority issues for Kansans in this election cycle such as the recent flat tax bills, renewable energy, Medicaid, private and public school vouchers, abortion, and transgender rights.

Senator Bowers said that though the flat tax bill HB 2284, was vetoed by Governor Kelly, she expects it to be revisited by state legislators in the future.

House Representative Bloom said he is for school vouchers, but opposed the bill because he believes private and public schools do not have a level playing field.

Both Senator Elaine Bowers and House Representative Bill Bloom have filed for reelection and are currently running unopposed in their respective districts.

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