Senior Life Solutions Helps Older Adults Cope With Mental Health Challenges Associated With Aging

By Quinn O’Hara

Since 2022, the Senior Life Solutions program at the Clay County Medical Center has provided seniors a place to find community and inner peace during their golden years.

Program Director Beth Larson said the Senior Life Solutions is a national, outpatient program designed to meet the unique needs of adults aged 65 and older who are experiencing depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges associated with aging.

Larson said the program does not require a doctor’s note or referral to sign up.

Larson noted that at least 12 people have ‘graduated’ from the program since it was brought to CCMC, a term patients coined to describe someone who no longer needs services. She said that most individuals who take part in the program discover a renewed sense of purpose, resulting in a reduction in feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, and loneliness.

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