Structure Fire Burns Clay Center Home, Power Strips Plugged Into Each Other Said to Be Cause

By Quinn O’Hara

A structure fire burned a Clay Center home at 625 Lafayette on Saturday, June 15.

According to a press release, Clay Center Fire Department was dispatched to the home just after 6 p.m. and arrived minutes later. Crews arrived to find smoke coming from the southeast bedroom. Crews then began spraying the fire.

Upon entering the home fire units made their way to the bedroom and advised that there was extreme heat coming from the room. Units inside and outside the home worked to clear smoke and heat from the room and spray water. The fire was then extinguished. During salvage and overhaul fire units discovered several power strips plugged into each other inside the room. This was determined to be the cause of the fire.

Crews left the scene at 8 p.m. No injuries were sustained during the operation.

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