Tiger Speech & Drama To Host ‘Mousetrap’ Themed Escape Room

By Quinn O’Hara

Tiger Speech & Drama is hosting an escape room modeled after Monkswell Manor from Agatha Christie’s play The Mousetrap.

The event, scheduled for March 2nd at 10am, is a fundraiser meant to help boost awareness of the group’s performance of The Mousetrap, as well as to gather more funds for the class’ Speech & Debate trip to Des Moines, Iowa this summer, said Tiger Speech & Drama teacher Megan Blackburn.

Blackburn said participants will have to play detective to escape Monkswell Manor.

Blackburn said Tiger Speech & Drama has done escape rooms in the past at the Rex Theatre and have used those experiences to refine their product. Blackburn said she and her students are excited for the production and hope to see a large turnout.

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