USD 379 Special Education Not Receiving Proper State Funding

By Quinn O’Hara

For more than a decade, special education programs have been underfunded by the state government.

During the 2022-2023 school year, USD 379 spent $2.3 million on special education services, while they only received $1.58 million to support special education services in that same year. USD 379 transferred $728,000 to cover that difference.

USD 379 Superintendent Brett Nelson says this deficit shouldn’t be happening:

Nelson says local tax dollars have been helping to fill that gap:

Nelson says if special education was properly funded, the district would be able to provide more programs:

According to Nelson, the best way to combat the special education funding deficit is to reach out to your local representatives:

Over a five-year period, USD 379 reports that $11.3 million was spent on special education services, but just $7.8 million was received. Due to the shortfall, the district says just 20% of students identified with a disability are receiving special education services.

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