Wakefield Angel and Giving Trees Have Just A Few Names Left

By Quinn O’Hara

The 2023 Wakefield Angel and Giving Trees are down to their final few names.

Each year the Wakefield Angel Tree and Giving Tree are set up in Wakefield City Hall and adorned with the names of families and those in need of holiday donations. The community donates items listed on the name cards and delivers them back to City Hall to be distributed to the families.

The trees were set up on Monday, November 27th. Currently the Giving Tree has 12 names left, and the Angel Tree has just two left on its branches.

Families are encouraged to visit Wakefield City Hall from 8-12am, then 1:15-5pm on weekdays to select a name and donate.

Since its start several decades ago, the Wakefield Angel Tree has collected at least 100 items a year, and benefits 15-25 families and 30-40 nursing home residents each holiday season.

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