Wakefield Home Hosts Santa’s Mailbox For Second Year

By Quinn O’Hara

Picture Credit: Kasey McMurtrey

Santa has enlisted the help of Wakefield, Kansas citizen Kasey McMurtrey to host his mailbox at her residence for a second year.

She says Santa will respond to letters all the way up until Christmas. McMurtrey says she hosts Santa’s mailbox as a way to give back to her community.

McMurtrey also has a large ‘Giftbox’ in her yard.

Since Mother’s day of this year, McMurtrey has had a small shed in her front yard that she fills with small gifts. McMurtrey explains that the giftbox is just another way to give back to her community year round:

McMurtrey says she’s open to donations and contributions to the box as well:

Both Santa’s mailbox and the Giftbox are located at Kasey McMurtrey’s home, at 808 Grove Street, Wakefield, Kansas.

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