Wakefield, Kansas, Elects New Mayor

Wakefield, Kansas, has elected a new mayor.

Leza Chryssovergis ran unopposed in the most recent Wakefield City election, after current Wakefield Mayor Chris Dumler announced he would not be running for re-election.

Chryssovergis said she moved to Wakefield from Manhattan, Kansas, five years ago:

Chrssovegis decided to run for a City Council seat a short time later. She was appointed to Council Seat #4 after a previous member briefly left, and ran in the election for the seat once it officially opened.

When Mayor Dumler announced he wouldn’t be running for mayor again at the start of this year, he appointed Chryssovergis as President of the Council to aid him in his duties. At the time, Chryssovergis said she wasn’t planning on running for mayor, but after some thinking, put her name on the ballot.

Now with some experience under her belt, the newly elected Chryssovergis says she plans to focus on projects to keep Wakefield running smoothly:

Leza Chryssovergis will be officially sworn in as Mayor of Wakefield in January of 2024

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