Wakefield Library Receives 100 New Kids Books From Brownstone Book Fund

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo by Quinn O’Hara

The Wakefield Public Library has received 100 new children’s books through a Brownstone Book Fund donation.

The Wakefield Library was chosen as one of a hundred other libraries across the nation to receive the donation. Several other Kansas Libraries also received 100 book donations from the Brownstone Book Fund, including those in the communities of Chapman, Enterprise, Florence, Burns, Hillsboro, and more.

In a letter to the Wakefield Library, Diane Brownstone of the Brownstone Family Foundation said she is “interested in providing books for young children, hopefully to excite and foster an early interest in and a love of books and reading.” The donated books’ target age groups range from pre-kindergarten through early readers.

Wakefield Library Director Kim Orr said her library is delighted with the donations, noting that the library would have been unable to purchase this many new books on their own with their limited yearly budget.

The Brownstone Book Fund is a private foundation in New York City dedicated to fostering early reading, a love of books, and encouraging parents and children to read together.

The Wakefield Public Library said they hope the books will keep their community interested in the fun of reading and encouraged patrons to explore their new collection.

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