Wakefield Wanderers Select New Destination, Sets Eyes On 2026 Trip

By Quinn O’Hara

The Wakefield Wanderers have chosen to visit Austria, Germany, and Switzerland for their next trip during the summer of 2026.

Barbara Bergmeier is an art teacher at Wakefield High School, and is the founder and leader of the Wakefield Wanderers program. Bergmeier says her goal for the program was to get her students new traveling and cultural experiences.

This year, the Wanderers tried a new method of selecting a travel destination:

Now with their sights set on their next trip in 2026, the Wakefield Wanderers have already begun saving:

The group needs to collect about $4,700 for each student participant, and $5,000 for each chaperone. This means putting back roughly $100 in savings a month per participant.

The Wakefield Wanderers will also be holding several student-driven fundraisers in the time leading up to the trip, including a Crappy Caroling Wars event being held this Sunday, December 17th.

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