Wakefield Wanderers To Bring Crappy Caroling To Wakefield Homes

By Quinn O’Hara

The Wakefield Wanderers will soon light up Wakefield with their slightly-off pitch singing in a fundraising effort for their upcoming trip to Europe, planned for the summer of 2026.

Barbara Bergmeier is an art teacher at Wakefield High School, and is the founder and leader of the Wakefield Wanderers program. She says in order to raise the over $4,500 in funds per student needed, the Wanderers hold fundraisers to boost their savings.

Crappy Caroling Wars is an event the Wanderers have held as a fundraiser for their trips since the start of the program in 2021:

Bergmeier details the prices of the fundraiser:

Bergmeier says she is grateful to the community of Wakefield for their participation in the event.

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