Wakefield’s Recycling Trailer Collects Trash, Keeps Community Clean

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo taken by Quinn O’Hara

For over 15 years, the Wakefield Recycling Trailer has collected plastic, glass, and cardboard recycling from Wakefield residents.

As Wakefield’s Recycling Chairman, Betsy Liebau helps to coordinate the Recycling Trailer. She said it gives Wakefield Residents an easy way to recycle.

Liebau said the Trailer can take a variety of items and is filled roughly every two weeks.

A 2019 Facebook post from the Wakefield Library reported that the Wakefield Recycling Trailer collected 30,160 pounds of recycling materials in 2018, which was almost double the amount of 2017’s 16,400 pounds.

Liebau said the Recycling Trailer is a great resource for Wakefield and is happy to help coordinate its efforts in keeping the small town clean.

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