AG Derek Schmidt: Court-Appointed Receivership of Human Tissue, Biological Samples in Parcells Investigation to End October 6

Topeka, KS– A Shawnee County District Court judge has approved a request to close the state receivership of human tissue and other biological samples obtained pursuant to a court order during the investigation of a former Topeka man who has been permanently banned from providing autopsy services in Kansas, Attorney General Derek Schmidt said today.

Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary Christopher granted a request from Schmidt’s office to end the receivership of samples obtained during the investigation and prosecution of Shawn Parcells. The samples were obtained from a location Parcells used in Topeka. Schmidt’s office and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has inventoried and safely stored the samples, releasing identified samples to appropriate family members who request them. Any remaining samples not claimed by October 6 will be medically disposed according to court orders.

Any person with reason to believe a family member’s biological samples may have been in the possession of Parcells or his companies and who wants to request return of the samples should as soon as possible contact the attorney general’s Victim Services Division (785-291-3950) for more information concerning the procedure for the return or disposal of these items. Family members and next of kin have the right, based on court order, to designate the release or disposal of human tissue or biological samples. The order closing the receivership means families must contact the attorney general’s office prior to October 6.

Parcells and his affiliated companies are permanently banned from doing business in Kansas under an order entered in August by Christopher, resolving a lawsuit filed by Schmidt on March 22, 2019. Parcells was also ordered to pay $254,762.98 in restitution to 82 consumers related to private autopsy services. Parcells and the corporations were also ordered to pay a $200,000 penalty for violating the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, a $200,000 penalty for violation of the Kansas False Claims Act related to coroner ordered autopsy services provided to Wabaunsee County, and ordered to pay Wabaunsee County $49,600 in damages. Parcells and the corporations were also ordered to pay $60,000 in investigative and receivership fees.

Parcells was convicted in 2021 on criminal charges filed by the attorney general in Wabaunsee County District Court. He awaits sentencing on the criminal charges.

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