Bomb Threats Made to USD 379 Schools

Clay Center, KS-

A member of the USD 379 school board received an email from an unknown email address saying that they had “planted bombs on the inside and also requested bitcoins.”

Brett Nelson, USD 379 Superintendent says that no school or specific location was mentioned and that several other school districts appear to be on the email.

USD 379 has been coordinating with local law enforcement and the KBI and there will be a law enforcement presence in all of the district schools today.

Nelson stated that the buildings have been inspected and that the buildings have been checked for open doors and windows. A sweep of the buildings also took place while they looked for anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

Through an e-mail sent to parents and staff, it is stated that they don’t believe there is any credit to this threat and will continue to coordinate with local law enforcement and the KBI.

No further information has been released at this time.


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