“J Turns” are Prohibited in Concorida

Concordia, KS- The Concordia Police Department would like to remind the public that Concordia city ordinance prohibits the illegal driving maneuver known as a “J turn” that frequently occurs on the downtown streets.
A “J turn” is when a driver turns left to park on the other side of the street, thereby cutting across the center dividing lines and putting themselves and other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

This effort is being made by the Police Department to increase awareness and to ensure the safety of Concordia residents. Please spread the word about this initiative and avoid making these dangerous and illegal turns.
Below we have provided the city ordinance.

19-107. Left turn for parking; where prohibited. The driver of any vehicle shall not make a left turn with such vehicle so as to cross an oncoming traffic lane for the purpose of parking in a public parking space.
(Ord. No. 2004-2877, § 3, 10-6-2004; Ord. No. 2006-2923, § 3, 9-20-2006; Ord. No. 2007-2938, § 3, 9-19-2007; Ord. No. 2008-2969, § 3, 10-15-2008; Ord. No. 2009-2978, § 3, 8-19-2009; Ord. No. 2010-3000, § 3, 8-18-2010; Ord. No. 2011-3022, § 3, 9-7- 2011; Ord. No. 2012-3039, § 3, 8-15-2012; Ord. No. 2013-3056, § 3, 8-21-2013; Ord. 2015-3098)

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