Two Suspects Make Over $5600 in Fraudulent Liquor Store Purchases

By Trish Svoboda

Two suspects made several fraudulent purchases at liquor stores in Riley County just before Christmas, costing victims over $5600.

On Thursday just before 10a.m. authorities were called to Rickles Liquor in Manhattan. A store employee and a 58-year-old woman reported that two suspects used her credit card to make a purchase of over $700.

A little over an hour later, police were called to Fridge Wholesale Liquor, where the suspects used the same woman’s card, this time making a purchase of over $2600.

Law enforcement were called with similar reports to two more locations, library Liquor, and Liquor Well in Ogden.

According to the Riley County Activity Report, on Wednesday RCPD also received reports at Classic Wine & Spirits.

As of now no arrests have been made.

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